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Principals represented by O. Miller Associates, LLC

Principals represented by O. Miller Associates, LLC

American Lithium Energy (ALE) – Our lithium ion batteries are perfect for aerospace, space, and defense applications.  Our battery cells have been recognized as the world’s most energy-dense and safe, with high energy and power density, long cycle life, zero volt technology, and excellent thermal stability.

JASC – JASC designs and manufactures servo valves, actuators, control valves, pintle valves, check valves, pumps and custom fluid controls for the aerospace, power generation and industrial markets.  JASC’s experience includes a wide variety of fuel, hydraulic, propellant and pneumatic systems.  ISO9001/2000 and AS 9100 certified as well as FAA/EASA certified.

K+S Services, Inc. – K+S specializes in the repair of servo valves, servo motors, electronics, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, ball screws, welding equipment, spindles and most motion, automation and flight simulation equipment. K+S has formed an Alliance Partnership with Star Hydraulics LTD. Star designs and manufactures high quality electrohydraulic servo valves for the aerospace and industrial markets.

Lion Precision – Lion Precision designs and manufactures precision, noncontacting sensing and measurement solutions.  Lion’s products include capacitive sensors, eddy-current sensors, measurement electronics, label sensors, and spindle error analysis equipment.  Lion is ISO 9001 registered.

Luxfer – formerly Structural Composites Industries (SCI), designs and manufactures high performance light weight composite pressure vessels serving the military, defense, aerospace and space Industries. Luxfer is a vertically integrated company that manufactures their own liners, have their own winding machines (carbon, fiberglass, kevlar) and performs acceptance testing in house. They are AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified.

Sentech – Sentech is a global leader in the design and manufacture of position sensors, including Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (“LVDT”), Rotary Variable Differential Transducers (“RVDT”), FASTAR sensors, HYDRASTAR sensors, signal conditioners, and solenoids for 30+ years. They specialize in developing custom, tailored solutions for mission-critical applications in aerospace, industrial and power generation. All units are non-contact and thus offer excellent reliability, performance, and long life.

ThinGap Motors – ThinGap is a leading provider of high performance, zero cogging slotless motor kits for use in applications that require smooth motion, precision actuation and deep integration.  With an emphasis on thin stator-coils, optimized rotor-magnets, proprietary modeling and process capabilities, ThinGap coggless motors offer a high torque-to-weight ratio coupled with a large aperture and low profile.